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Wansongtang Group have an international comprehensive office building, training center, research and development center and production base. A group of technical experts consisting of medical experts and professors is engaged in product research and development. The Group has thousands of square meters of 100,000 and 300,000 GMP standardized production workshops, which can independently complete the cutting-edge technologies and technologies such as product technology research and development, supercritical extraction, ultrafine pulverization and vacuum aseptic packaging. We have international level scientific research instruments imported from Germany and the United States, multiple modern tea bags, solid beverages, meal replacement powder production equipment, automatic packaging lines and quality control inspection instruments, many years of food production experience, skilled new resources technology, multi-variety and large-scale production technology, from the taste, flavor, and color we have won the top spot in the same industry, and Wansongtang has become an international healthy brand.

Wansongtang Group cooperates with major research institutes to enhance product research and development capabilities. Nowadays, it has cooperated with Hubei Technology University and other institutions to carry out the construction of the base and carry out the cooperation of "production, study, research and creation". Using new technologies, new processes, new materials, and new equipment, we will continue to enrich the series of tea, diet, and physiotherapy products, expand new categories, and plan and develop new series of products. Grasp the cutting-edge technology of the industry, and achieve the product sales generation, trial production, research and development, and reserve generation. The Wansongtang Group own third-party testing organization to ensure product quality and safety. This industry is on the "tip" and the "knife-edge",  honesty is more important than clever. Quality is our unremitting pursuit. The Wansongtang Group strengthened quality control throughout the entire process and continuously improved the quality management system assurance capabilities to ensure 100% qualified and zero-defect products were provided to customers.

Leading in strength and technology: With a vast territory of Wansongtang Industrial Park, Kanghui Biological Park, and Ecological Agriculture Park, it has the advantage of "production, study and research, incubator", won more than ten invention patents and won the Science and Technology Progress Award and many other honors. Product nutrition, sensory, taste, soup color, effect in the forefront of similar products.

Leading quality technology: GMP standard workshop, ISO9001 international quality system certification, SC food production license, ISO22000, HACCP , FDA , export food production record, health food production audit, domestic advanced automatic teabag production line; raw materials extracted with original ecology, retaining active essence , to enhance the effectiveness of ingredients, and the use of multiple extrusion and crushing theory to ensure uniform packaging of raw materials, product senses.

Advantages of raw materials: Our company is located in the hometown of Yandi Shennong, backed by Shennongjia, with more than 1,000 acres of planting base, natural and authentic herbs, carefully cultivated from the source, strictly selected materials; scientifically standardized, clean production; to a full set of inspection, quality inspection, The safety effect is visible, the quality is guaranteed, and the goods are cheap and secure.

Leading capacity: With more advanced equipment, 100,000 tea bags can be completed in one hour, 10,000 boxes can be finished only in several hours, and the dosage form and bag type can be diversified to ensure timely delivery. It is the leading capacity and qualification in China. Complete health teabag brewing tea producer! A full set of hardware procedures ensures that your sales channels are unimpeded! Working with domestic professional manufacturers ensure you have no worries!

Credit guarantee: won the consumer satisfaction company of Hubei Province, Honorary Certificate of "Contract-honoring and Credit-Respecting Enterprise" Hubei Province, adhering to the core values of “market-oriented, customer-centered”, and the development concept of “win-win cooperation with dealers”, with you Profit, seek common development, and enjoy cooperation! Choosing cooperation with us, Wansongtang brand is a symbol of strength and credibility!


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