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Is it right that " stimulating food bad to our body " ?

Winter is a good time for tonic, in order to resist cold, beef and mutton are good choice . But the old men always told us that these meats are stimulating food which should eat less. In the end, what is the stimulating food? I specially checked some information, hope it is helpful to you .

What is the stimulating food ?

What we often say is that some of the nutrients contained in some foods can induce or aggravate certain diseases.

Which foods are the stimulating foods in our life?

1. Seafood, such as octopus, shrimp, crabs, etc., usually cause allergies, asthma, urticaria and gout.

2. Mushrooms, mustard, spinach, etc., easily cause joint discomfort, and even considered to increase urinary stones.

3. Almonds, peanuts, pine nuts, etc. in nuts may cause diarrhea, allergies, and food poisoning.

4. Roosters, pig's head meat, goose meat, beef and mutton in meat. It is thought to induce headache and cardiovascular disease.

5. Seaweed vegetables, such as kelp, seaweed, may induce allergies, asthma, diarrhea and so on.

But the beef and lamb are daily foods. Why are they also stimulating food? I checked and found the beef and mutton are genital and hot food. After eating this kind of food, it may cause body heat, palm heat, headache, dizziness and aggravation of eczema.

Stimulating food is also a food. Although the harm exists, we must also treat it dialectically.

First, the cause of cough, asthma, skin allergies, etc., is actually a food allergy problem. Such as seafood, peanuts, seaweed and other foods may have specific proteins, which are allergic foods. For non-allergic people, these foods are safe and healthy.

Second, the stimulating food will cause joint pain, which may be due to excessive uric acid content, which increases gout. Such as pork, beef, mutton, mushrooms, seafood, etc., which are rich in sputum, eat more, increase the body's uric acid content, easy to induce joint gout. How to lessen the gout fast and safely ?

Third, stimulating food can cause dizziness, headache, body hot flashes, etc., and need to be alert to cardiovascular problems. Such as pig's head meat, chicken head, etc., which are rich in a large amount of fat, cholesterol, eat too much, easily aggravate cardiovascular problems. How to lower the blood lipid ?

Fourth, the fire and sore throat caused by the stimulating food may be caused by osmotic pressure, such as longan, lychee, etc., which are rich in sugar, which may cause dehydration and dryness of the oral mucosa, followed by bacterial invasion, long sores and long ulcers. How to make the throat comfortable ?

Fifth, the wounds caused by stimulating food do not heal, in fact, related to a variety of factors. In the diet, the fat content in the diet is too high in the early post-operative period, and the wound will not heal easily. And if the diet is nutritious and lacks protein and many trace elements, the wound is equally difficult to heal. In addition, age, chronic diseases, infections, alcohol and tobacco, and stress can all affect the healing of wounds.

Therefore, the stimulating food that is really unfavorable to the human body does not exist. The right amount of food does not cause side effects or cause discomfort to most people, but only certain special constitutions and certain diseases associated with it will induce the disease. We can follow the doctor's advice when we are sick. Moreover, it is precisely because of the stimulating or inducing effect of the stimulating food, the therapeutic treatment is also used to treat certain diseases, such as the early stage of measles, the rash is not smooth, and the use of mushrooms, bamboo shoots and other stimulating food products can help them to penetrate and shorten the time. The role of the course of the disease, another example is the use of stimulating foody rashes to promote vaccination.


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