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Are your blood vessels healthy? Just check at these 3 places of body .

Blood vessels are the connecting link of all tissues of the human body. There is no blood as the driving force, and all the internal organs are lost. If the blood vessels have problems, blockage and hardening, various cardiovascular diseases will be induced. Therefore, blood vessels are an important basis for judging the health of the human body. People who have no blood vessels will have the following three characteristics. Is your blood vessel still healthy? Let's make a judgment!

1. Is the lip color normal ?

When the blood circulation is blocked, the blood cannot pass quickly, resulting in a decrease in the oxygen content in the blood. When the blood vessels are severely smeared, the lips may become smeared or appear dark purple. If the color of the lips is normal, congratulations, it proves that your vascular patency is no problem.

2. Is the arm or legs unobstructed ?

Some people often feel numbness, soreness, edema, and even cramps in their arms or legs. These are all unobstructed blood. Once the body has this signal, don't let it go. Be sure to go to a regular hospital for inspection. If the limbs are smooth, it proves that your blood vessels are still healthy.

3. Do you feel dizziness ?

Dizziness is a stun of the head. This symptom often occurs when you wake up in the morning or after a shower, when your body is over-tired, and your blood pressure rises and falls. These are all signs of abnormal cerebral vascular occlusion. If there are multiple vertigos in a few days, it is necessary to pay attention to the cerebral vascular occlusion may cause cerebral infarction, must go to the hospital for examination.

If you don't want your blood vessels to be blocked, you can start with these details:

1. Strictly set the schedule

If you stay up late, sleep is not enough, then the damage to the blood vessels is very large, because staying up late, the body will continue to digest the hormones and other hormones in the kidney, causing the blood to flow too slowly, which will cause the blood to be too thick, and the blood vessels will be blocked. A serious threat to vascular health!

2. Keep healthy eating habits

Try to eat less or avoid eating foods that are high in fat, high in sugar, and high in cholesterol. These foods will increase blood viscosity. Over time, it will easily lead to poor blood flow, until it is blocked, and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Crude fiber food, eat more blood vessels, such as fungus, white fungus, soybeans, oats, etc. are good.

3. Don't sit still for a long time

Especially in the winter because it is too cold, many people sit for a whole day, and there is almost no exercise. This long time will lead to slow blood flow, easy formation of cerebral thrombosis, vascular blockage and endanger life. Therefore, everyone should exercise more in the cold winter and reduce the time of sitting. Walking is the best way to keep blood vessels healthy, not only to promote blood circulation, but also to improve the elasticity and toughness of blood vessels. Therefore, it is recommended that we can stand up and walk in the working hours.

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