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Humans can live to 120 years old. The world's "longevity medicine" is used in humans for the first time !

Recently, a team of scientists in the United States published the first report on the treatment of 14 elderly patients with mild to moderate idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis using the anti-aging drug Senolytics in the British authoritative medical journal Lancet. The first personal test results in the world!

In this human trial, the scientists recruited 14 elderly people diagnosed with stable, mild to moderate idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF). Each participant took two types of Senolytics: dasatinib (100 mg/day) and quercetin (1250 mg/day) for 3 consecutive days per week for 3 weeks. The results showed that after treatment with dasatinib + quercetin, the patient's mobility improved the most consistently: the 6-minute walk test, the regular sit-up repeat, and other measurements were significantly improved. Most patients have an increased mobility of more than 5%, with no effect on other physiological indicators such as grip strength and lung function.

Scientists have explained that dasatinib and quercetin selectively induce senescent cell death. Among them, dasatinib can eliminate the aging human fat cell progenitor cells, while quercetin has a stronger killing effect on aging human endothelial cells and mouse bone marrow stem cells. When the two compounds are used in combination, the efficacy of removing senescent cells is also the strongest. Scientists believe that this is an exciting study, which also indicates that senolytics are expected to extend the lifespan of the elderly, and that humans may live up to 120 years old. Scientists will continue to conduct research.

With the improvement of human living standards and the advancement of medical facilities, the average life expectancy of human beings has been significantly prolonged. At the same time, various diseases caused by aging, such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, Alzheimer's disease (Alzheimer's disease) ), high blood pressure , high blood sugar , high blood lipid disease, etc. are also increasingly affecting the quality of life of the elderly, so "anti-aging" has become the general consensus of all mankind.

First, the cause of human aging

The reason why human beings are old is because of the existence of aging cells. When aging cells stop dividing and accumulating, especially in the aging biological immune system, aging cells cannot be removed in time, and the number will gradually exceed that of non-aging cells. The protein will damage the surrounding nuclear tissue, and the tissue will appear "old", leading to health.

Second, the three stages of human aging

The first stage of mild aging 25 years old -35 years old

Slight wrinkles, lack of energy, physical exhaustion, wilting, fatigue, memory loss, susceptibility to cold, poor sleep, loss of appetite, dull skin, pigmentation, decreased immunity, inattention, body Some kind of discomfort or pain, but the doctor can't find the problem.

The second stage of moderate aging is 35 years old - 45 years old

Emotional fluctuations, irritability, anxiety, insomnia, suspiciousness, memory loss, menstrual disorders, loss of libido, breast atrophy, abdominal distension, severe pigmentation, dry skin, decreased elasticity, enlarged pores, deep wrinkles, hot flashes.

The third stage of severe aging 45-55 years old

The human body enters the rapid aging period, the body is fully aging, and various diseases are entangled; after menopause around 45 years of age, due to ovarian atrophy, the secretion of estrogen is reduced, the skin is wrinkled, the breasts are drooping, and the body is getting fat, which is more likely to cause psychological anxiety. Mental illness such as depression. Women enter a period of rapid aging.

Third, how to resist aging?

Although one day in the future, humans can really determine their longevity, before that day, the only way to fight aging and longevity is still a healthy lifestyle and good psychological quality.

1, life should be regular

The law of life means that the day is arranged to form a good law, such as daily living, according to everyone's habit of going to bed early, getting up early, or getting up early and getting up early, so as not to sleep late. Three meals a day should be regularly quantified, such as breakfast at 6:30, lunch at 12 o'clock, dinner at 6:30 should be relatively fixed. According to the four seasons, the daily eating and drinking time can be adjusted appropriately, that is, the Chinese medicine doctors said that they should "adhere to four o'clock." Regularity of life can make the functions of various human body systems more normal, which is conducive to the digestion and absorption of nutrients, so that people have plenty of physical strength to work.

2, the diet should be reasonable

With the improvement of people's living standards, the material is extremely rich, the work and social interactions are frequent, and some people have more opportunities to go out to eat, which is very easy to cause unreasonable diet. Such as overeating, eating without timing, eating intemperate, picky eating partial eclipse, long-term will cause excessive nutrition, or imbalance of nutrients, resulting in high blood lipids, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and other diseases caused by unreasonable diet . Therefore, from now on, everyone must be nutritionally reasonable according to the physical condition, with a combination of vegetarian and vegetarian food. Especially after middle-aged people, they should eat more vegetables, fruits, and low fat. This can prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases or delay the occurrence of some middle-aged diseases.

3, exercise must adhere to

Life lies in exercise. On the one hand, moderate exercise can promote blood circulation and metabolism, regulate and excite the brain's nerve center, enhance and enhance immunity; on the other hand, exercise can also increase diet and improve sleep quality. Jogging, brisk walking, mountain climbing, walking, etc. are all very good sports methods for the elderly.

Also massage 4 parts to keep health and anti-aging

1. Hands

Put your hand on the back of your hand for 50 times, then face the palm of your hand 50 times. Frequent handcuffs can promote the excitement of the brain and the whole body, increase the flexibility, flexibility and cold resistance of the hands, and also delay the aging of the hands.

2. Chest

The first left hand and the right hand in the middle of the two ribs "thoracic" points alternately squat 50 times, often chest pain can play a role in appease the heart.

3. Belly

First left hand and right hand, first clockwise and then counterclockwise to rotate the abdomen 50 times, can promote digestion, prevent accumulation and constipation.

4. Foot

Use your left hand to rub the right sole 50 times, then use your right hand to rub the left sole 50. The foot is the "second heart" of human beings, which can promote blood circulation, intensify and enhance the function of the endocrine system, strengthen the body's immunity and disease resistance, and increase the cold resistance of the feet.

Also you can take Wansongtang Balance Tea , which takes medicine and food homologous good raw materials, can adjust high blood pressure & blood sugar & blood lipid , anti-aging, make up the vitality, keep our body balance .

Aging is a problem that everyone must face. May everyone be calm and comfortable in the face of aging.....


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