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Wansongtang back to work On February 12, 2019

New year and new beginning! On February 12, 2019 (the eighth day of the first lunar month), Wansongtang Health Group officially started work! Wansongtang Health Group executives donated a red packet to all the colleagues and partners, and wish all the best in the pig year.

At 8:30 in the morning, when Wansongtang colleagues and partners stepped into the company on time, they were pleasantly surprised . It turned out that the company’s door has already been stationed in advance to send a grand opening ceremony for everyone. Every employee enters the door and receives the New Year red packet and New Year greetings prepared by the company. All enjoyed this happy moment and heard laughter from time to time.

After receiving the red envelope, everyone was filled with a big smile. On the first day of the New Year in happiness and happiness, everyone expressed their deep encouragement and gratitude.

A partner said: "This is not only a humane care, but also a wonderful blessing and expectation of Wansongtang for the company and all employees for the New Year. I am very grateful. The new year is willing to work together and make progress with everyone. Create a good performance!

New year and new beginning, new year new departure! Wansongtang conveyed the blessings to all the friends by distributing the red packet. I wish everyone to go smoothly, and the New Year is good luck! I also hope that we all will work together in the new year, go hand in hand, and create greater glories! Wansongtang is willing to continue to take the mission of “leading healthy life and creating healthy wealth”, doing brand good tea, becoming No. 1 in the industry, and contributing to the wisdom and mission of Wansongtang for the progress and development of human health.

Also we have some new tea products for 2019 . Welcome to contact us for cooperation .

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