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Why is it easy to sleep after lunch?

When you are full, you sleep, and feel the world is so beautiful. But do you have thought about why people are easily trapped when they are full ?

All along, the people have been fed up and trapped because of the lack of blood supply to the brain. Even the "100,000 why" that we loved when we were young are explained by this: after eating a meal, in order to digest food, the blood entering the gastrointestinal tract will increase. The blood supply to the brain will be reduced, so the brain produces a short period of ischemia and hypoxia, and people will feel sleepy and want to sleep.

Is it really the truth?

NO! Let us come to science today!

We know that the brain is the most important organ in our body. It always dominates. Of course, its blood supply is also a priority. Just like eating with the master servant, the owner did not eat first, did the servant dare to let it go? In order to digest food, it reduces the blood flow of the brain, and the brain certainly does not agree. In fact, scientific research has also shown that there is no evidence that blood flow to the brain has decreased after a meal.

But after dinner, people are really prone to sleepiness. What is going on?

1, Increased insulin secretion

After eating, our blood sugar will rise rapidly, when the body will secrete a lot of insulin to promote protein synthesis. However, the increase in insulin will bring some side effects, such as causing the brain to produce a large amount of melatonin. Melatonin can promote sleep, while also reducing the potassium ion content in the blood, and the decrease in potassium ion content will also make people Feeling tired. Therefore, after we eat, we will have a state of wanting to sleep.

2, The appetite peptide is reduced

The appetite peptide is also called hypothalamicin, which has a high degree of excitability. When a person is hungry, the appetite peptide will increase significantly, causing a desire to eat and keep people awake. When the food is full, the appetite content will decrease, and people will have a deep sleepy feeling motion.

Back to the topic, why is it that people are more likely to be sleepy after lunch, why are they not so easy to sleep three meals a day, breakfast and dinner? This is also related to the suprachiasmatic nucleus and orexin.

1. The role of the nucleus on the crossover at noon.

The suprachiasmatic nucleus refers to the anterior hypothalamic nucleus, which is a circadian rhythm pacemaker in the mammalian brain. All kinds of circadian rhythm activities in our body depend on it. It sends different times in different time periods every day. Signal, when it is noon during the day, the information intensity of the nucleus on the cross-over nucleus will temporarily decline, so many people are the most awake time at noon during the day, want to sleep.

2. The effect of human circadian clock on orexin

We have already described the high excitatory effects of orexin. When we get up in the morning, it is the time when the appetite peptide is released most strongly. It will keep people awake. Generally, the mental state of people after breakfast is also the highest. Of course, the premise is that the quality of your sleep before night is not too bad.

Knowing the reasons for being trapped after a meal, it is also a good solution to the problem of being trapped. Pro test these measures are very effective:

1, Eat less and eat more, eat 7-8 points per meal

2, Take a walk after meals, digest food

3, To ensure the quality of sleep at night

4, Drink a cup of tea to refresh

Wansongtang Mint Fresh Breach Tea is made from honeysuckle, peppermint, sea buckthorn, polygonatum, hawthorn and houttuynia. Honeysuckle and mint are both aromatic and hot, without damaging the stomach, and the refreshing effect is very good.

For our office workers, after lunch, you can have a rest for a while. 10-15 minutes is very good for our body. If you work hard in the afternoon, take a cup of Wansongtang Fresh Breath Tea !

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