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What cause gout and how to treat gout ?

Gout is an ancient and modern disease. It is both an ancient king's disease and a contemporary civilized disease. The causes of patients' illness are often related to their living habits, especially in terms of eating. Don't pay attention when eating, gout may find you.

Then, which foods or lifestyles are easy to induce gout, what harm does gout bring to the human body? How to treat gout?

Gout is Not a disease, it is a bunch of diseases!

Gout is more common in middle-aged men, and only 5% of women, mainly postmenopausal women, have a younger trend in gout. The natural course of gout can be divided into four phases, namely, asymptomatic hyperuricemia, acute phase, intermittent phase, and chronic phase. The clinical manifestations are as follows:

1. Acute gouty arthritis

Most patients have no obvious signs before the onset, or only fatigue, general malaise and joint tingling.

The typical episode often wakes up in the middle of the night due to joint pain, and the pain progresses progressively. It reaches a peak in about 12 hours and is tearing, knife-cutting or biting, which is unbearable. The affected joints and surrounding tissues are red, swollen, hot, painful and have limited function. Relieve more than a few days or 2 weeks.

The first attack has multiple violations of the single joint, and some of them occur in the first metatarsophalangeal joint. In the later course of the disease, some patients involve the site. Followed by the joints of the back, heel, ankle, knee, wrist and elbow, shoulders, hips, spine and temporomandibular joints are less affected, and multiple joints can be involved at the same time, manifesting as polyarthritis.

Some patients may have systemic symptoms such as fever, chills, headache, palpitations and nausea, which may be accompanied by an increase in white blood cell count, an increase in erythrocyte sedimentation rate, and an increase in C-reactive protein.

2. Intermittent episode

Gout attacks last for several days to several weeks and can be relieved by themselves. Generally, there are no obvious symptoms of sequelae, or local skin pigmentation, desquamation and itching, etc., and then enter the asymptomatic intermittent period, which lasts for several months, years or ten years. After recurrence,

Most patients relapse within 1 year, more and more frequent, more and more joints are involved, the symptoms last longer and longer, the affected joints generally develop from the lower limbs to the upper limbs, from the distal small joints to the large joints, and the fingers, wrists and elbows appear. Joint involvement,

A small number of patients can affect the shoulder, hip, ankle, chest lock or spinal joints, but also involve the bursal, tendon and tendon sheath around the joint, the symptoms tend to be atypical. A small number of patients had no intermittent period and showed chronic arthritis after the initial onset.

3. Chronic tophi stone lesions

Subcutaneous tophi and chronic tophus arthritis are long-term significant hyperuricemia, a large number of monosodium urate crystals deposited in the subcutaneous, joint synovial, cartilage, bone and soft tissue around the joint.

The typical site of subcutaneous tophi is the auricle, which is also common around recurrent joints and olecranon, Achilles tendon and sacral bursa.

The appearance is a yellow-white scorpion creature of different sizes under the skin, and the surface of the skin is meager. After rupturing, the white powder or paste is discharged, and the skin is not cured for a long time.

Subcutaneous tophi is often associated with chronic tophus arthritis. A large amount of tophis deposited in the joints can cause joint bone destruction, tissue fibrosis around the joints, and secondary degeneration.

The clinical manifestations are persistent joint swelling, pain, deformity and dysfunction. The symptoms in the chronic phase are relatively mild, but there may be an acute attack.

4. Renal lesions

(1) Chronic urate kidney disease urate crystals are deposited in the renal interstitial, resulting in chronic renal tubule-interstitial nephritis. The clinical manifestations are decreased urine concentration, increased nocturia, low specific gravity urine, small molecular proteinuria, leukocyteuria, mild hematuria, and tubular urine. Late stage can lead to decreased glomerular filtration function and renal insufficiency.

(2) Urinary acid urinary tract stones The uric acid concentration in the urine is supersaturated, and the urinary system deposits and forms stones. The incidence in gout patients is above 20% and may occur before the onset of gout arthritis. The smaller stones are gravel-like with urine, which can be asymptomatic; the larger one can block the urinary tract, causing renal colic, hematuria, dysuria, urinary tract infection, renal pelvis expansion and stagnant water.

(3) Acute uric acid nephropathy blood and urine uric acid levels increased sharply, a large amount of uric acid crystals deposited in renal tubules, collecting ducts, etc., resulting in acute urinary tract obstruction. The clinical manifestations are oliguria, anuria, acute renal failure; a large amount of uric acid crystals are seen in the urine. It is caused by secondary causes such as malignant tumors and its radiotherapy and chemotherapy (ie, tumor lysis syndrome).

Gout is not a disease, it heralds a series of chronic diseases. If you have gout, please see if you have the disease mentioned above, find it early and treat it as soon as possible. If not found, it can be prevented as soon as possible.

Governing gout, nourishing the kidney is fundamental.

1, Protect your feet

Keeping your feet warm is a way to raise your kidneys. This is because the kidneys start from the soles of the feet, and the feet are vulnerable to cold.

Therefore, the foot should pay special attention to keep warm, do not put your feet against the air conditioner or electric fan while sleeping; do not walk barefoot in a wet place for a long time.

In addition, there are many acupuncture points on the soles of the feet, such as Yongquan. "The kidney is out of the spring, and the spring is full of heart." Before going to bed every night, you can press the Yongquan point at the bottom of your foot. Massage the Yongquan point to play the role of nourishing the kidney. ( Take Wansongtang Herbe Feet Bather Power to have a footbath . )  

2, The stool should be smooth

The stool is not smooth, the stool stops, and the turbidity attacks, not only makes people upset, chest tightness and shortness of breath, but also hurts the kidneys, causing backache, nausea and vomiting. Therefore, keeping the stool smooth is also a way to raise the kidney.

When the stool is difficult to understand, you can use both hands to stick the back of the kidney area, press hard to push the kidney, and accelerate the bowel movement; when walking, press the kidney area with both hands to relieve the symptoms of backache.

Also you can take Wansongtang flat tummy tea which can detox and help fat burn , make stool be smooth . Most important is 28 days flat tummy tea has no side effect on the body , and this natural herbal tea can improve our body step and step .

3, Drinking water to nourish the kidney

Water is the source of life. Insufficient water, it may cause turbidity and stagnation, which will increase the burden on the kidneys. Therefore, regular drinking water is an important method of raising kidneys.

4, There is no urinary tolerance

When the urine stored in the bladder reaches a certain level, it will stimulate the nerves and produce a urinary reflex.

At this time, be sure to go to the toilet in time to clean the urination. Otherwise, the accumulated urination will become a turbid gas and invade the kidneys.

Therefore, it is necessary to discharge in time when there is urine, and it is also one of the best ways to raise kidney.

5, Swallowing saliva to nourish kidney

The saliva in the mouth is divided into two parts: the thin one is the sputum, the spleen is the main; the thick one is the saliva, which is dominated by the kidney.

You can do an experiment, spit it out in the mouth with saliva, and in less than a day, you will feel the waist is sore and tired.

This in turn proves that swallowing body fluid can nourish kidney essence and play a kidney-preserving role.

6, Diet to nourish kidney

There are many foods that can tonify the kidneys. In addition to black sesame seeds, black fungus, black rice, black beans and other black food can raise the kidney, walnuts, leeks, shrimp, sheep waist, etc. can also play a role in nourishing kidney.

You can take Wansongtang Maca Cordyceps Tea for 2 teabags everyday , to improve kidney function .

7, Sleep to nourish kidney

Adequate sleep plays an important role in the biochemistry of blood and the maintenance of kidney essence. Clinically, many patients with renal failure have experienced excessive day and night, excessive fatigue, and lack of sleep.

Therefore, do not stay up late, develop good habits, work early and get up early, is conducive to the maintenance of kidney essence.

8, Take tea for gout

The drug has some side effect on the liver , not suit for long time to take . But when the gout is keeping for years , it will seriously affect our lives . You can choose natural herbal tea for gout from reliable big manufacturers and keep to drink every day . Uric acid will drop until normal levels . My brother in law took wansongtang herbal tea for gout for 1 week every morning and evening , the pain was gone away . And now he keeps to drink every day , body is better than before , the pain was not back again .

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