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Is "lao diao ya" ( teeth often remove itself ) normal? Will people lose their teeth when they are old?

In China , we often use "lao diao ya" ( teeth often remove itself ) to describe outdated obsolescence, and also used to describe a person's aging. It is considered that the "lao diao ya" ( teeth often remove itself ) is a normal physiological phenomenon. When people are old, the teeth will naturally loosen and there will be a large loss of teeth.

Is this really true? In fact, "lao diao ya" ( teeth ofen remove itself ) is the wrong concept, and people who are truly healthy will not have the phenomenon of "lao diao ya" .

First, when a person is old, how many teeth are considered healthy?

As you get older, there are some changes around your teeth, such as some teeth are worn, some have cracks, and some of the alveolar bones are lost. But these conditions are irreversible, and even so, it will not lead to "lao diao ya" ( teeth often remove itself ) in the elderly. According to the "8020 Plan" proposed by the World Health Organization in 2001, an 80-year-old man should have at least 20 functional teeth. If our teeth are not wisdom teeth, there are 28 permanent teeth. When the teeth fall off 1 or 2, it does not affect the whole body health, but when the teeth gradually fall off less than 20, it will affect the function of multiple systems of the body.

Second, why is the tooth loose?

Periodontitis is the culprit.

Our normal tooth roots are firmly growing in the alveolar bone, just as the roots are rooted in the soil, it is very strong. Therefore, we humans can eat a variety of food and wine, but also chew a variety of hardcore food. Under normal circumstances, as long as your alveolar bone is not damaged, even if you are 120 years old, your teeth can be firmly in your mouth. However, periodontitis is indeed the biggest culprit in the destruction of alveolar bone. Under the action of periodontitis, the alveolar bone will be continuously damaged and the height of the alveolar bone will be reduced. For example, the soil around the roots of the tree has been hollowed out, and the tree certainly cannot stand.

How is periodontitis produced?

People rely on their teeth to eat every day, which is equivalent to working every day, plus the problem of insufficient cleanliness. You can't ask for it to never go wrong. Therefore, sometimes we have bleeding gums, swollen teeth, teeth, mouth and other problems, if this time does not attract attention, then periodontitis symptoms will become more and more serious.

Third, how to prevent tooth loosening?

Knock tooth by tooth

Wake up and sleep every morning and insist on sniping between the upper and lower teeth. At the beginning, I sneaked a dozen times, and later increased the number of snipers and strength, and reached about 50 times each time. This method can enhance the toughness of the periodontal tissue fiber structure, promote blood circulation in the gums and face, and keep the teeth strong. It is also beneficial to swallow saliva after caries.

Keep your mouth clean

To insist on brushing your teeth with warm water every morning and evening, brushing your teeth before going to sleep is more important than brushing your teeth in the morning. In addition, after three meals a day, you should rinse your mouth with clear water. When you gargle, you should use the force of water to remove the food residue from your teeth. If it is tightly embedded, it can also be removed with a toothpick. The stones on the tooth surface should be removed regularly to prevent periodontitis.

Dietary teeth

Eggs, fruits, vegetables, pork ribs soup, etc., are rich in protein, minerals, vitamins, etc., and often eat beneficial teeth. The human body lacks protein intake and is prone to dental caries. In addition, the diet should pay attention to protect the teeth, such as avoid eating too much hot and sour food, in order to prevent the erosion of the tooth glaze.

Massage your gums with your thumb and forefinger in a certain direction for 10 minutes each time to promote blood circulation in the gums, alveolar and pulp, and prevent premature atrophy of the gums.

Chew properly

The correct way to chew is to alternate the teeth on both sides. If the unilateral tooth is often used for chewing, there is no physiological stimulation on one side, and the employment shrinkage of the tissue is prone to occur. However, the side of the chew is too heavy, which may cause pulpitis, and cause the face to be unsightly and affect the appearance.

Periodic inspection

Regularly go to the hospital to check the teeth, healthy people also have to wash their teeth regularly every year, once there is a periodontitis symptoms, you can not be dragged, dragging small problems into big problems.

Gargle by tea

Rinse the tea with tea after each meal, so that the tea washes the teeth and the sides of the tongue in the mouth. This can remove tartar, improve the physiological functions of the oral rim muscle and oral mucosa, and enhance the acid and antiseptic ability of the teeth.

Here to introduce a delicious health tea - Wansongtang bad breath tea, not only can effectively improve and regulate mouth pain, bad breath, dry mouth and other symptoms, but also enhance immunity, eliminate body waste and toxins, let you recover Fresh breath, calm and confident.

So to say, the most important thing to protect your teeth is the cleaning problem. Not only the elderly, but everyone should develop the habit of keeping the mouth clean. Since childhood, they have the awareness of protecting their teeth. After all, who doesn't want to own a big white tooth?


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