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Wan Songtang Group Chairman Shen Xianli Birthday's Speech

Life Is Not Easy, Only Make Ourselves Be Powerful


Time flies so fast, and it takes another year in a blink of an eye. Thanks to the goodwill of friends, be sure to hold a birthday party for me to celebrate, everyone is happy and lively. During the period, let me say a few words, what to say, life sentiment, business management, future trends... Too many ideas came to my mind, and I was speechless. On a birthday, the company has developed for another year. Personal birthday has long been integrated into the development of the company.

A person’s life is as a drop in the ocean. Looking back on the past, I can't help but sigh. There are red dust and pure land, tears and laughter; humiliation and respect; there are pay and rewards. In the eyes of others, I may think that I am too pedantic and very emotional. But I want to say that this is my real thought and my true thinking!

Be professional, focus on yourself, and be sure to find your own differences in concentration.

Wansongtang was established in 1996. It has been a full 20 years since I have been focusing on the health and wellness industry for 20 years. At that time, I graduated with the determination of the newborn calf not afraid of the tiger, and pulled a few friends to start the company together. It is a lot of twists and turns.

Today's Wansongtang has already sounded the horn of the third entrepreneurship. The first time we started, we have grown from zero to become the first in China's healthy health tea industry. The second time we started, we are heading from China to the world. Become a world health tea expert. Today's third venture, we are moving forward again, from cultural innovation to brand building, we will continue to innovate business models and commit to creating Wansangtang's international health brand.

The starting point for success stems from a correct choice. The reason why life is wonderful is because you have chosen the peak and climbed it. Grateful for more than 20 years of old employees, old leaders, thanks to all our customers and suppliers, and every good friend who has helped us. I am grateful to everyone who cares about Wansongtang and cares about the silent dedication and dedication of Wansongtang’s family.

Thought life is not easy, only make ourselves be powerful

In the early 1990s, after graduating from Hubei College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, I developed in the pharmaceutical industry. After several years of hard work, I decided to try the business. So in 1996, I pulled a few friends to form a company, which is the predecessor of Wansongtang, Kanghui.

At the beginning of the company's establishment, it started with the old smoker smoking cessation liquid, relying on the secrets of ancestral smoking cessation, consulted the experts and professors of the Chinese Medical College, after repeated thousands of trials, went to the major pharmacies to investigate the market, and finally the product was successfully developed. Loud name "old smoker". We often say that “smoke and alcohol are not separated from home”. After the company’s popularity with old smokers and smoking cessation liquids, the company further developed the distiller’s hangover tea. With the ancestral secret recipe, the product sales are getting more and more popular. With these two products, I earned the first gold in my life.

Later, I turned my attention to the immature health tea market at that time and boldly introduced the teabag production line. With deep knowledge of Chinese medicine, it survived and developed in the fierce market competition. Before the emergence of countless health care products companies, the original accumulation of capital was completed, and a series of health care teas, herbal teas, functional teas, etc. were developed, which ran all the way to the forefront of the domestic health tea market. As of 2010, our Wansongtang products account for one-fifth of the entire domestic health tea market, with the largest and most advanced health tea production base in China - Wansongtang Kanghui Biological Park.

Life is so difficult, only powerful. Entrepreneurship, like life, must be difficult, because this process is glory with humiliation, and it is a dream to join hands with pain. We have to face the real humanity, the reality of humanity, which requires us to have a mature mind and sufficient resilience.

Who am I, where do I go?

Doing business is like the life of each of us. We must know how to make choices and take advantage of the situation. When the opportunity comes, go all out; the cold wind is coming and going. Don't be fooled by outside experts and scholars. Listen to your inner voice. What is your original intention of doing business?

Everyone has greed and ignorance in their own nature. The same is true for enterprises. They always want to chase fame and fortune, show their faces, and become unrealistic and bigger. They must not know that "God wants to perish, he must make it crazy first." Blind expansion, intervention in the unfamiliar industry, the final risk can not be self-controlled, resulting in high debt, wives and children, lost the most basic freedom of life and so on. Whenever you want to recognize yourself and stand firm, you often ask yourself, who am I, where do I go?

With the sales of the company's products in the market, I decided to expand the company. Wansongtang has set up branches and factories in Suizhou, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai and other places. The four-plus-one model has gone from idea to practice. It has been six years of hard and long, but it has laid a foundation for the industrial transformation and value-added of the group company. The basis of innateness.

The company has cooperated with universities and research institutes to develop more than 100 products in 10 series. The three raw material planting bases of Shennongjia, Dahongshan and Luoyang Ginkgo Valley in Hubei Province have been established, carefully cultivated from the source, strictly selected materials, scientifically standardized and clean production, and effectively ensure quality and safety.

Today, Wansongtang has more than 20 well-known brands such as Wansongtang, Yimei, Kanghui Nianhua and Kangfengning. Wansongtang health tea is popular in the country, and is also exported to more than 20 countries and regions such as Europe, America, Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia, so that China's oriental health and civilization will benefit the international. In 2017, Wansongtang set up a branch office in Melbourne, Australia, marking the opening of Wansongtang's overseas market business to a new level and becoming a world health tea expert.

Establish a company brand and cultivate its core competitiveness

Wansongtang originated from Wansongyuan, an old street in Jiangcheng, Wuhan. It was founded in Suizhou, the hometown of Yandi Shennong, and developed under the 4+1 layout (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan and Suizhou). In the 20 years of enterprise development, in today's highly competitive product homogenization, I will look back and see how many business partners have started together. In the process of enterprise development, we must consciously cultivate Own brand and core competitiveness, otherwise blindly do the market homogenization of products, blindly help others OEM processing, fight to the end, others do not know who you are, it is a very sad thing.

With the joint efforts of employees, Wansongtang is always making progress and developing. In order to make the Wansongtang brand bigger and stronger, I have tried my best to rename the company with 1.8 million. Corporate culture is also the focus of our attention. Enterprises without culture are enterprises that are underdeveloped and whose development momentum is unsustainable. The long-established companies all have a corporate culture system with cultural cognition, cultural leadership, cultural productivity and cultural resilience. Wansongtang pursues the cultural management concept of "win-win cooperation and culture first". At the end of 2016, it released the "Wan Songtang Cultural Outline", which actively expressed the value proposition of Wansongtang, reached a broader ideological consensus and achieved win-win cooperation, forming Wansongtang. A new starting point, a new journey, and a new leap of cultural silk road.

In 2017, the group invested heavily in creating a cultural atmosphere in Wansongtang in each branch. At the same time, the application for direct sales licenses to the Ministry of Commerce accelerated the pace of development towards multi-level business; in August, Wansongtang products were registered at the Hong Kong International Food Fair and won the Hong Kong Food and Environmental Hygiene Director, Hubei Governor Wang Xiaodong, and the Provincial Development and Reform Commission. Party Secretary Liu Xiaoming and Suizhou City Governor Ying Yingcai and other leaders highly praised. In September, it signed a contract with a well-known domestic institution to officially determine the five-year counseling period and cooperation period, sprinting the overall IPO target of Wansongtang Group, and vowed to make Wansongtang an international health brand.

A business should be kind to your business partners.

The process of enterprise development is the process of continuously introducing talents, cultivating talents, and retaining talents. Generally speaking, one year is a running-in period, and people who are uncomfortable and unable to take care of will naturally leave during this period. Be kind to your business partners, and be more kind to the elders who will open up the territory with you and fight the mountains and rivers. Professional managers may still have a long way to go in China. Old employees may not have the enthusiasm of newcomers in the front line, but in the moment of life and death, they will not lose their lives and flee, because in the history of corporate ups and downs, Responsibility, mission, and emotion have been integrated into their blood.

Middle-level cadres must have special qualities: loyalty, tolerance, and dedication

The loyalty I am talking about here is not a loyal boss, but a loyalty to your profession, loyal to the platform you develop, and loyal to your own life. At Wansongtang, we can accommodate everyone, especially newcomers. Imagine a college student who has just emerged from the society. Because of his novel ideas or eagerness to make achievements, and the recognition of others, it is inevitable to make mistakes at work; or the managers of a state-owned enterprise entering private enterprises, many management methods will certainly be different; or A returnee to the company after entering the company, the Chinese and Western cultures are different, and the people will definitely be different. This requires the company to "have a lot of people, and it is a big one." However, as an old employee and as a manager, you can't be dissatisfied with your work, threaten the company, touch the bottom line of the company, who touches the red line who leaves! The pay is not necessarily rewarded, but the decision is not paid, and life is also the same.

You are a good person, but maybe not a good manager.

At work, managers need to help employees grow, increase their income, and get a more decent life. This is the biggest responsibility for employees. If you don’t bring troops, you can’t do it. The idea is quick and clear, the work is real and efficient, there is no nonsense, and it will always be vigorous and popular. "I came to make things, not to make friends."

According to the company's organizational structure, managers must learn to let go and do what they should do. Speaking of these things, I understand, but it is difficult to do it. Imagine that if a general manager personally talks about business and uses his resources, individuals may have good performance; if the research industry is developing, formulating more rules, identifying talents, and cultivating teams, then the team's explosive power in the later stage is definitely greater than its personal performance. This is the core gene of the company's long-lasting future!

Self-evaluation, self-cultivation, practicing healthy dreams, taking social responsibility with love

Life is alive, destined to be subject to many grievances. The more successful a person is, the more grievances and jealousy he suffers. The unburning bird is a phoenix. To make your life worthwhile, you must enlarge your mind, not too much about grievances, and correct treatment will bring ten times the power of our progress. Absolute fairness is not there, but in the face of hard work, opportunities are always equal. When life is alive, we must have an enterprising spirit and a sense of satisfaction. When one day we leave this world, we have no regrets about our own life and the cause of Wansongtang.

Life is so difficult, only powerful. Everyone is always accompanied by frustration, confusion, tears, and who is not wronged in life? "A bottle of magic water, carrying pride, never invincible in the Central Plains; half abdomen grievances, ten years of silence, not sighing right and wrong."

Every failure and every misunderstanding is constantly tossing us, so that our path of growth is full of thorns, but after numerous tossing, we find that Wansongtang's life is a life that is constantly tossing. Only toss, only innovation, only hard work, our business, our life will be perfect and strong.

Today's Wansongtang Health Group has developed into a high-tech enterprise specializing in technology research and development, production and processing, marketing and promotion, and professional personalized customization services for health products such as health care tea, comprehensive dietary nutrition, health food and special medical food. Adhere to the strategic thinking of “Internet + Financial Capital + Industry Chain”, carry out strategic layout and resource integration for a variety of businesses, and commit to a healthy industrial integration and business model innovation. From "World Health Tea Expert" to "Becoming a Trusted Big Health Industry Operator", the positive layout and card position are based on "prevention, treatment and maintenance", and the "product, service, platform" as the carrier Industry chain.

Therefore, self-cultivation, endure loneliness, endure loneliness, withstand the pressure; can resist the temptation, withstand the toss, lose face; can bear the responsibility, can afford the spirit, do not forget the initial heart, Dreaming ahead, no matter how hard the road ahead, it is closer to happiness than standing in the same place. We insist on using the spirit of craftsmanship of excellence to actively practice the "healthy China" big health industry dream. He has been hosting the "China Great Health Industry Seminar" for many years and hopes to take up social responsibility and promote the integration and development of Chinese medicine and big health.

This is the worst era. We must not only race against our competitors, race against ourselves, but also race against the times! This is also the best era, everything is awakening, humanity has changed everything in the world, and today it is finally the turn to change itself! Starting today, please reflect on time. This era will not stop because of your stop. The harder you work, the luckier you will be! Life is so hard, only you can be strong! Thank you for your concern for Wansongtang! thank you all!

September 29, 2017

Shen Xianli


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